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We had one of the best holidays we ever had. All people we met were very friendly and we felt absolutely safe all the time. There was no single moment we felt unsafe, neither at Ras Mohammed nor at the Eco Lodge in the mountains. Everything was perfectly organised. It was like being with friends, not the typical travel guide-customer relationship. We enjoyed the delicious food, beautiful evenings and nights at the campfire under the amazing spangled sky. Drank the best coffee and tea ever. The camel trip was so good, that we will repeat this one time but then a few days longer. We like the Bedouins, they are very hospitable and helpful. We still must laugh when we remember the campfire-stories of Mohamed. Thanks to him, Marina rediscovered the pleasure of snorkeling even at the drop-off wall.Thank you Rayya and Mohamed for the unforgettable time we had. We certainly will come back.

Marina, David, Xenia and Jonathan/Germany

We have experienced unforgettable days in Ras Mohammed. It was absolutely fantastic and very special! Mohammed and Mahmoud had everything to the last detail! The camp looked great and we lacked for nothing.We enjoyed the meals: the rest of the holiday we didn't taste such good food anywhere else...! The evenings at the campfire were beautiful. We slept wonderful intents and the starry sky was overwhelming as were the sunrise and sunset. And then I did not mention the views,the colors, the rocks, the sand, fossils, coral, everything! Nature is beautiful and calm atmosphere endless. I've gotten devoted to the nature and beauty of Sinai: I'll definitely be back again for a desert safari with you! And to see how the Bedouins use and respect nature is very nice, appeals to me, feels good. Sincerely, thanks for your advice to do this! A lasting memory for me and the kids.

Juliëtte, Isabelle and Maurits/Netherlands

We (Ozzy family of husband, wife & 4 kids, our American friend and her kid and another American friend) came from Cairo by car and stayed at the ECO Camping with 4 kids for two nights. We fell in love with this place. We recommend it to anyone who loves to camp out on the beach, to snorkel and be away from the crowds. We hope to be back one day.

Turland family/Australia

Had a nice day in El Tur with Rayya and her husband Mohamed. First a tour of the town, visited Hammam Moussa and then to a project where they have beenworking with heart and soul and enjoyed a delicious lunch. Rayya and Mohamed you are doing a fantastic job! I'll definitely go back.


We forgot to write here. Sorry about that. Thank you very much for the nice safari trip in the High Mountains, Eco Lodge, Wadi Feiran and El Tur. We thought it we be our last trip in the area. Thanks for your welcome, we now plan to come again next year. We consider you as friends.

Jean & Marie Cos/France

Traveled a week in October with Bedawi. A great experience in the Sinai. Overnight at the Eco Lodge, a place to unwind. Evenings with starry skies. Visited the colored and the zigzag canyon. A day trip by camel with Bedouins. And finally camped at the eco camp in Ras Mohamed National Park, where we went snorkeling in the beautiful sea with its colorful underwater world. Even a turtle up close swimming. A wonderful holiday, a wonderful country. Sinai is in my heart and I gained new friends. Thanks Mohamed & Rayya. Geke/Netherlands

We had a wonderful stay at the Eco Lodge this spring. The lodge keeper is a charming host who managed to make us feel very welcome, even without speaking English. They cooked some of the best dishes I've ever had in Egypt - we recommend that they make a recipe book to give as a memento to guests. He and a colleague were our guide for a hike to a Nabateër settlement which was a highlight of our holiday. We plan to come back for another spring break. Suzanne and Larry/United Kingdom

What a memorable day in Ras Mohamed with our guide Muhammad. Seen much, great snorkling, patient explanations and relaxed atmosphere. We enjoyed the views, delicious food and of course the nice weather. Rally must this daytrip. When the kids are a bit older, we would like to go camping in Sinai. What a nice guide who managed to win the confidence of the children immediately. Our dive master of 3 years has certainly made an impression on Muhammad. We recommended your travel to different people. Greetings from Norway.

Amber, Emma Elise, Rianne and Johan/Norway

Hello Raya and Muhammad, we haven been staying 2 times with you during our holiday and it was great! Good care, humor, good food, many pretty stops in Ras Mohammed and great snorkeling. A must for anyone who wants to experience nature and tranquility as intended. Hopefully we'll meet again this holiday. Love,

Rob and Irene Raef/Netherlands

Super time on the Eco-camp at Ras Mohamed. Really seens the park from a different angle than we had ever seen. Beautiful piece, quiet beach with the tents and a small international group (we were in total 8 people) to spend a couple of days. Wonderful snorkeling, good food and heard some fantastic stories about history and culture in South Sinai. This site is highly recommended for anyone who wants something different to do and see than the standard packages offered (ecotoilet / mattresses / quilts / showers, everything is there) and this all under the inspiring leadership of Rayya and Mohamed. We will gladly return.

Nicolette Bergenhenegouwen/Netherlands

What an experience with you at the eco-camp in Ras Mohamed! Everything down to the last detail, good food, great snorkeling (even without a wetsuit and flippers ...) and sanitation as special as functional, great! And all this at full moon ... It went too fast. Back in the Netherlands the pictures seem so unreal. Rayya and Mohamed, thank you for your hospitality and if it's up to us: See you!

Nanda en Klaas/Netherlands

We received your best wishes for the new year. Same to all of you! I saw your reminder and indeed I forgot to write something in your guestbook :O We had a great time travelling with you, so we want to come back for more and longer next time!

Shereen Saleh and the boys/United Kingdom

It was a great holiday! You have exceeded our expectations, so sweet! I wrote a nice piece about you in the newsletter and many people ask about Bedawi. It would be nice if friends come to you and their friends etc...

Ingrid, Marco, Louise and Sophie/Netherlands

We (my husband, our two children and I) had really great time at ras mohamed! The atmosphere of the place was super. Mohamed also has made ​​us very comfortable, friendly, helpful, attentive and with humor. We did great snorkeling, park view, tasty food but most of all we enjoyed this special place. We will often think back to these fantastic days. Susan van der Berg/Netherlands

A week diving in Dahab done through Bedawi. All well organized! Dahab is a very relaxed place, with no large-scale tourism (yet), the hotel was fine, the dive center is run by a group of very sympathetic Italians. My instructor was very good, so I was able to get two certificates in one week. Bedawi to me is a must! Very friendly and spontaneous, and a nice small scale. Jaco/Netherlands

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