BEDAWI is your local responsible travel partner in Egypt's Sinai since 2007.

We avoid mass tourism and we take you safely to the most beautiful natural sites.

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Sun, sea and serenity on a secluded beach....

Sharm el Sheikh has got it all: The Red Sea with its beautiful underwaterworld, beaches and 360 days of sunshine. No wonder so many people love to spend their holidays here. But what if you don't want to lay on a sunbed with hundreds of others and just want to enjoy the natural attractions of Sharm el Sheikh?

This is your alternative...

Reviewed by Lonely Planet as Top Choice to stay at the National Park Ras Mohammed.

Snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving...

The Red Sea offers some of the best sites in the world for snorkeling, diving or free diving. The National Park Ras Mohamed is one of the best places in the world. You can now opt to stay inside the National Park and enjoy it all.

Check it out...

You can dive straight from the shore with your guide and enjoy a thoroughly relaxed experience in this amazing underwater world teeming with life.

Nose to nose with nature and nothing but time...

The Sinai desert and its seas seem initially deserted nature, but in fact these are worlds full of life and the only catalyst that determines the movement of this eco system is the balance of water. You stay at an Eco lodge in the High Mountains of the Sinai Peninsula and enjoy the famous Bedouin hospitality.

Learn more...  (This trip is currently under review)

Marvel at its flora and fauna. Take your time with your local Bedouin guide and discover the beauty and secrets of the Sinai desert...

Desert dwelling and canyon climbing...

Experience freedom, spaciousness and total silence like these can only be found in the desert. You walk, ride on a camel or in a jeep and climb through canyons under guidance of your Bedouin guide.

Get a taste of life in the desert... (This trip is currently under review)

A great adventure for the whole family with a combination of activity, teamwork, sun, fun and relaxation.

Dive into the past and live in the moment...

Discover an ancient burial chamber from the Bronze Age, a pharaonic temple, ancient turquoise mines, trace the first alphabet created by Nabataeans.

Feel the history with every step you take... (This trip is currently under review)

Visit the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the world while you walk in the footsteps of the Prophet Moses and discover the Bedouin life in Sinai.

Feel the desert and feed your spirit...

It is virtually impossible to describe the Sinai desert when you feel the gentle rhythm of your camel while you silently pass by colorful sandstone, natural springs in fertile wadis and majestic granite mountains.

Are you up for an unforgettable experience? (This trip is currently under review)

A desert safari by camel refreshes your mind, lifts your spirit, gives you room for new thoughts.

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