You won't find here any commercial talk about eco tourism or memberships of organizations who assure you that we do offer responsible travel. For us this is the normal way of doing business. We choose not to put our money into such kind of marketing or expensive memberships but rather let our local communities benefit.

BEDAWI works in partnerships on an equal basis.

BEDAWI organizes travel with a minimal impact on the environment so we can enjoy the beauty of our country now and in the future.

BEDAWI organizes travel with respect for the local population and seeks to maximize the positive social impact for both guests and locals.

BEDAWI works to raise awareness among our guests, locals and others working in tourism by setting a good example with the aim to promote change in the people themselves that will allow them to apply this policy.

BEDAWI arranges no flights because this can be done easily online today and you can book the flight that suits your needs and budget.

BEDAWI works via E-business so you can arrrange your travel with us from the comfort of your own home. This way we can keep the costs competitive, while our people are assured of a fair reward for their work and commitment.

BEDAWI arranges your stay, your trip and activities from the arrival at the airport until the departure from the airport. You can choose from our short trips, travel programs or an individual customized trip.


As a traveler, you can easily contribute by booking your travel directly with a responsible and 100% local tour company. Your money is well spent, it doubles your holiday fun and probably even saves you money.

By participating in responsible tourism, such as hiring a local Bedouin guide or driver, by camping or staying at Bedouin owned or managed accommodation, you support the conservation of our ecosystem and its native people.

You help them make a living and you will have the opportunity to learn from their in-dept knowledge of our Sinai.