The Sinai Peninsula: The other Egypt...     

Egypt, the word conjures up images of pyramids, tombs, temples, Nile cruises, camels and remnants of ancient civilizations in a vast desert and nowadays the image of sun-sea-beach vacations.

South Sinai is known for the best diving and snorkeling, the important history as the land of Moses, it's own culture, the mountains with its unique nature, Mount Sinai (Moses' Mountain) and the famous monastery of St. Katherine, the many colorful and intriguing canyons and the desert safaris.

Today South Sinai is more and more known through the holiday offers that are limited to the hotels and resorts on the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba.

The Sinai is a powerful part of the character or Egypt and it is increasingly discovered by people from other parts of Egypt to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Here you will meet Egyptian people (outgoing, passionate and friendly) from all parts of Egypt, who come here to work and the native Bedouin population (polite, restrained and dignified).

You can explore the Sinai with us from your hotel by going on a day trip or a short travel program, but especially by traveling around with us and using Eco lodges, smaller local hotels and by camping in the beautiful nature in the desert or right on the beach.

The Sinai offers not only peace and nature, but it is also the place for people of all ages who are looking for adventure. Sinai offers opportunities for the perfect family vacation.

You can opt to stay in a resort in Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea. On the Gulf of Aqaba you can opt to stay in the smaller-scale rustic Dahab or further up north in the sleepy town Nuweiba and the Taba resort town near the Israeli border.

Traveling in Sinai means rest and relaxation in a paradise setting. The soft, dark contours of the mountains of the Sinai have an intriguing and powerful stance in contrast with the beaches and the clear blue waters of the sea and at night the clear sky is studded with stars.

Travelling by camel is the ultimate way to explore the desert and this is done in combination with hiking (for only those who take the time to stroll will discover the secrets of the desert) and/or jeep safaris through winding wadis and oases and the many colorful canyons where you can walk and climb.

Dahab is a favorite for wind and kite surfers as well as divers and people who want to escape the more touristic Sharm el Sheikh,while more experienced wind and kite surfers go to El Tur, where a still unknown to the general public hotspot can be found and where tourism has not really developed.

Although you should dress conservatively and respect the local culture, Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba are so influenced by tourism that local people are more accustomed to seeing people in (minimum) Western clothing so there is less staring at you if you do not want to adjust your clothing and also you will find alcohol available here.

Sinai is the gateway to Egypt from Israel (Eilat) and Jordan (Aqaba). Many people who visit the Sinai fall in love with this piece of earth and keep coming back... Marhaba!