"The mangroves sustain those who sustain the mangroves..."

Nabq Protected Area was established in 1992 for the protection of the coral reefs and the mangroves (Avicennia Marina).

It is located between Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab, heading northeast up the coast, on the narrowest part of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Nabq holds one of the most northerly stands of mangroves in the world.

Mangroves are the most productive ecosystems on earth.

Marine life lives and breeds among the mangrove root systems, while the crowns of the mangrove form a nesting and feeding habitat for shore birds (including Spoonbill and Osprey).

Some of these Gray Mangroves have now adapted to growing on sand dunes where they have no food of aerial roots. How incredible is that!

Inland (in Wadi Kid) the desert is well vegetated and you can find the characteristic growth of the Tamarisk trees (which keeps people amazed).

You can find 'arak' (toothbrush bushes) and date palms.

This area also still supports a small number of Dorcas gazelles.

The Nabq Protected Area has committed itself to a program that fully integrates resident Bedouin into all aspects of its area management strategy such as catering, guiding, camels, maintenance, camping areas, etc.