"Example is better than law."

Bedouin proverb      

Bedouin people value (material) generosity, nobility of soul in dealing with others, courage and boldness in words and deeds, providing shelter and protection to those who seek this, chivalry and generosity, wisdom, patience, shrewdness, the art of reading facial features and small gestures, good behavior and a good reputation.

One should be able to stick to features that suit your position, regardless of the person with whom you are dealing, because that person is his own person and responsible for his own actions and there is no room for hesitation when it comes to generosity and fight.

These values are linked to the core values ​​of the Bedouin community: Harmony, solidarity to (blood) relatives and hierarchy. The family is the first system where Bedouin get educated in word and deed about these values. The father is the living example for his children. They learn directly and indirectly from his words and deeds. The family is the first place where these lessons are learned. Later in life the boys may sit among the older men where also the clear hierarchy is in place. It is the boy's right but also his duty. Bedouin society is strict and it is not accepted that younger men prefer female companionship. It is the duty of the boys to listen to the elderly and not to interrupt them.

It are the young people who get up, bring a pillow, tea and coffee, retrieve an ashtray, and so on. Where the men gather, the news is discussed but also disputes between members of the same clan are settled  here, with someone who is acceptable for both parties, takes on the role of judge. Thus, all members get informed and wiser.