"The one who settles a bad deed of a bad person with an evil deed,

  is thus just as bad as that person."

Bedouin proverb   

The key values ​​of the Bedouin community are harmony, solidarity towards (blood)relatives and hierarchy. They emphasize cooperation, adaption, accommodation and family cohesion. Family comes first, second and third. For them blood is definitely thicker than water. Individuals are expected to show loyalty and responsibility to the collective, to place its good above their own and to follow the rules and commands of those above them in hierarchy.

Bedouin have a collective attitude to just about everything: work, money, family, feuds, you name it and they will take a collective position because of their highly developed sense of community and tribal loyalties.   

Their strict code of honor dictates proper behaviour for all members, men, women and children and to live according to its (many) rules - like a healthy person always stands up to greet an older person, you always greet all starting with the person on your right hand and moving on against the hands of the clock to the rest, always first serve the person on your right hand (even if this is a child) and then the rest moving against the hands of the clock, etc.

any of these rules is not done. The (semi)nomadic lifestyle (was)is demanding and that's why the children are expected to assume a considerable amount of responsibility in order to help their families survive.

Although modernization has changed their lifestyle somewhat, emphasis is placed on teaching children to carry on traditional ways of life and the advancement of modern technology is so far not considered important to children’s education.

"The" Bedouin people are known to be very polite and honest. They prefer not to say bad things or be the bearer of bad news. But of course it is hard to say anything in general about any group of people and the Bedouin use the words from the Holy Qur’an to describe this: "People are like a hand; all fingers are different."

Bedouin people prefer to deal in cash only. All transactions are done on the spot and in cash. Cash is real: you can touch it, smell it, feel it and mess around with it. With cash, you know where you stand.

But in a modern society a government needs to collect taxes and this is hard to do if there is only trading in cash.

Source: BEDAWI - R. W. de Jong