A travel advice is not binding, not positive or negative but it is a recommendation to the traveler.

It is the responsibility of the traveler and the tour operator to go ahead with the travel or not.

For hundreds of countries in the world Ministries of Foreign Affairs issue travel advice which aims to prepare the traveler and to warn of unsafe conditions in a country. Sometimes travel can even be discouraged to a particular place.

This travel advice is not binding, but a recommendation to the traveler.

It's the responsibility of the traveler and the tour operator, to go ahead or not.

Many travelers think they can cancel their holiday free of charge when they go on holiday to a risk area, but if there is no coverage restriction issued by a calamity fund, this is not the case, even when the Ministery of Foreign Affairs considers the situation unsafe.

This may sound strange, but a travel agreement is a contract between the tour operator and the individual. One thing is sure, a tour operator has no interest in attracting travelers to unsafe areas, but wether the situation is a reason for a limited coverage, they decide independently.

BEDAWI always puts safety first when we organize your travel. If there is any doubt, travelers will always be accurately informed upfront.

In case we have to cancel your trip, we will refund your (pre)payment but until today this has never been necessary. Not during and not since the revolution in Egypt and in spite of all the negative news that can be read in the media about travel in our Sinai.

The advantage of being a local tour operator, working with locals from all tribes in all areas, is that we always know exactly what is going on in a certain area and we do not have to rely on third party information. Moreover, the local people are the ones who can really keep you safe in times of trouble and being their guest means they protect you as one of their family according to their culture and traditions. It is our business to know, so if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.