BEDAWI is your local travel partner in Egypt's Sinai since 2007. We specialize in responsible and community-based travel and avoid mass tourism, while we bring you safely with the local people to the most beautiful natural sites. Exploring our  travel offer and our website is a journey in itself... Ya Marhab! - Welcome!     


Our policy is simple, if you stay with us and miss anything, need anything or wonder about something, please tell us right there and than so we can fix it, provide it or explain it. This works best for our guests and for us, because we feel sad to hear about something afterwards that could have been fixed right away. 

We are very grateful to our guests who have taken the time to leave a review. Many have done so by writing in our guestbook(s), which are available to read on site. 

Others did so by leaving a review and/or rating on our Facebook page, using public settings so everyone can see it is for real. 

Others, who are not active on Facebook did so by leaving a review and/or rating on our Google business page

BEDAWI Eco Camping Ras Mohamed

Some great reviews on our services can be found on Tripadvisor but in fact BEDAWI is not listed on Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor does not recognize us as a business because we can not show property-rights inside the National Park Ras Mohamed and we can not show an invoice for water nor an invoice for electricity because we work totally off-grid.

So if you write anywhere on Tripadvisor please mention us as BEDAWI Eco Camping Ras Mohamed, so people can come to the right place. 

 We appreciate your effort. Thanks from all of us at BEDAWI!