"It is wise to bring some water, when one goes out to look for water."

Arab proverb     

Taba Protected Area was established in 1998 for the protection water reserves, mammals, rare birds and reptiles.

It is the most northern protected area in South Sinai, located southwest of Taba, along Nuweiba towards Dahab and north of Dahab it meets the Ras Abu Galum Protected Area and southwest it meets the Saint Katherine Protected area.

This gorgeous protected area is 3.595 km² and includes geological formations such as caves, desert landscapes, a string of steep-walled

wadi's, mountainous passages and some natural fresh water springs.

The area os the Taba Protectorate has 25 species of mammals, 50 kinds of rare birds, 24 species of reptiles and approx. 480 species of plants.

The Nubian Ibex is sighted and it is said that the endangered Sinai Leopard (Panthera Pardus Jarvisi) may still be found in this area, but it is rarely seen.

The Black Eagle (Aquila Verreauxii) breeds in this area and possibly the rare Lammergeyer (Gypaetus Barbarus).

Some places in this protected area are nowadays frequently visited by groups of daytrippers, like the EinKhudra oasis, the White Canyon and the Colored Canyon, but to be able to fully appreciate the beauty of this area one definitely needs to spend more time in the area. The best way to travel here is to go on a camel safari combined with walking to certain sights like the Nawamis, hiking to Gabal Mileihis and Gabal Makharum and climbing through adventurous canyons like the Arada Canyon. A holiday can be combined with a relaxed stay on the beach of the Gulf of Aqaba to combine it with snorkeling or diving.