"May our effort, confidence and concern for others be the altar from which we pray for personal abundance."

- Laura Teresa Marquez   

We are concerned about the ever-increasing development of tourism in Sinai. This means employment, which is sorely needed, but the locals are not equally benefitting.

The vast majority of businesses is owned by non-local Egyptians with non-local employees and increasingly we see locals out of work and without perspective.

Discord between groups of people, in any country, brings unrest.

We call for more cooperation.

The average tourist nowadays has hardly any knowledge of the local culture and as a result shows little or no respect for local values.

We call for more respect.

Project developers keep building without considering the social and environmental impact. The massive influx of non local workers and the expansion of tourism produce loads of waste which ends up in our enivronment due to the lack of proper waste management.

We call for better governance.

The increase in number of tourists is a problem for natural and cultural sites.

In particular where there is not enough attention to stay on paths, not to take or leave anything, respecting people, animals, trees, plants, corals, etc. or placing graffiti.

We call for greater awareness among visitors and a greater commitment from the tourism sector to more actively inform and offer guidance to visitors.