"The trick is to treat others the way they want to be treated, because you do not just visit a 'destination',

but in fact you visit a place that someone else calls home.

So it is about common sense and good manners."     

Responsible travel is all about the choice you make to make sure your money ends up in local hands as much as possible.

Community-based travel is all about learning from each other and supporting directly endangered indigenous people through education, financial assistance and cultural exchange.

This is a broader definition than environmentally friendly (eco) trips. It includes socio-conscious travel. It means respecting, understanding and supporting the people and their culture in the area you visit through interaction with the place and the people.

It is only through travel, through meeting people that we begin to understand that we are all the same in the core, despite labels religions, governments, economic and political views and the media often stick on us and seem to stand between us.

What we do

◊ BEDAWI makes a positive contribution to the conservation of nature by encouraging environmental awareness. For travelers and locals.

◊ BEDAWI respects the local Bedouin culture and traditions and promotes authentic interaction and understanding between our guests and the locals.

This gives enjoyable experiences for our guests, a better understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues and in addition, this builds up local pride and confidence.

◊ We are locals and involve our people in decisions that affect their lives. We respect the right to self-determination of the Bedouin regarding the behavior of tourism on their land and work in accordance with the local Bedouin law.

◊ We aim to generate work, income, greater economic benifits and a better well-being in our local communities by investing our profits into local developments.

What you can do

◊ Read about our country, culture and what you need to know and do when you are a guest here. (Our website is a good place to start.)

◊ Travel with an open heart and mind. Unplug, live in the here and now and be mindful.

◊ Show respect in your words, behavior and interaction with local people.

◊ Be generous by supporting local crafts.

◊ Recall that all-inclusive means you will spend less in local shops, restaurants, etc. and that kind of travel leads to fantasy tourism and resorts where local people are banned from the area and beaches, sex tourism and mountains of garbage that end up in our environment. This is the dark side of tourism...

◊ Choose to book your holiday or trips with a 100% local tour operator who works with minimum impact on the environment and supports the locals.