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Best choice for activities: Safari - hiking (Bedouin gardens walks and/or climbing in the High Mountains) - Moses Mountain - Visitor Centre - Monastery of St. Katherine - Herbal Medicine - Trips: By camel or by jeep to different sites

The Sinai High Mountains provide some of the best trekking routes in the world. Not only because of the distinctive natural beauty but also because of its cultural heritage that is incomparable to any other in the world.

This protectorate intends to maintain the natural and cultural features of this region, while the local Bedouin follow their traditional lifestyle, so as a visitor you can experience here what is so unique about this place.

You find a great biological diversity in this area due to its location and the amount of rainfall. The wadi's are filled with fragrant herbs and plants that grow nowhere else and fill the fresh mountain air. There are even some permanent water pools in the area. Mount Sinai (Mount Moses) and the famous Monastery of St. Katherine are to be found here.

This Bedouin owned and managed lodge is located on the foot of Mount Safsafa, overlooking the city of St. Katherine, run in the best tradition of Bedouin hospitality with modern comforts. Rooms have double- or twin bed, a wardrobe, en-suite bath room with shower and heaters for winter. Rooms are airy and cool in summer and all have a view over the local landscape. Trees surround the lodge and its garden with veranda, where vegetables are grown organically for your deliciously prepared food and fresh baked bread. Shops, internet, transport are at walking distance. An ideal place for hikers, birdwatchers or pilgrims.

This Bedouin managed Eco Lodge is located in the heart of the St. Katherine Protectorate operates on the principles of simplicity (less comfort) and minimal environmental impact. There are 8 Bedouin houses, built on the remains of an ancient Nabatean settlement, built from desert stones and mud, furnished with carved driftwood washed up in the nearby wadis. Besides solar-heated showers, a composting- and a squat toilet there's a modest kitchen (with excellent organic food from the gardens and fresh baked bread) and a restaurant. There is no electricity so light is provided by some solar lamps, candles and the moonlight.