ECO Camping Ras Mohamed


Our Eco Camping is set up in one of the most beautiful bays of the National Park Ras Mohamed, close to the Turtle Bay, on a sheltered beach with coral reefs teeming with life. It is ideal for novice and advanced snorkeling, free-diving and scuba-diving.


Our Bedouin tent provides shade and shelter during the day. The comfortable Bedouin sit is perfect to hang out and chill, with thick cotton mattresses, pillows, back support and low tables and there are also regular tables and chairs. Get ready for glamping Bedouin style!

The fresh food is daily transported to the Eco Camping and is prepared for you on the spot.

We serve 3 fresh prepared meals a day (lunch and dinner are hot meals). If you have any dietary needs, contact us so we can assure you if we can see to your needs.


Coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice and mineral water are always available. 

We don't serve alcohol but you are free to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

The Eco Camping is equiped with a solar panel. In the evening the camp site is mainly lit by soft lights (as this does not disturb the turtles and wildlife) and this way you can fully enjoy the stars.

We welcome you with a drink, show you your tent, explain how things work at the camp and you make yourself at home. The tents have air vents in the top; its 3 windows and door are fitted with a flyscreen. For those who fear 'creepy crawlers', it is good to know the tents can be fully closed off with zippers.

Our De-luxe cotton Bell-tents are equipped with a carpet, comfortable memory-foam mattresses with clean bedding and soft pillows. One tent can have a twin bed or a double bed and upon request we add a third bed (f.e. for a child).

We have beach showers with fresh water, a tap to wash your hands and our 'Lovable Loo' (a comfortable eco toilet) is set up in a separate tent with a chair and a mirror, so you can also use it to change your clothes. All the fresh water is carried in by hand, so we appreciate you sparingly make use of the water.

In the afternoon you take your warm lunch and you can relax, walk along the beach, sunbath, swim or enjoy snorkeling or diving in the bay.

After you've enjoyed the sunset, dinner will be served on the beach (depending weather conditions). Afterwards the Bedouin coffee (with cardamom) and Bedouin tea (with local desert mint) will be prepared and served by the campfire (depending weather conditions).

You enjoy the (shooting) stars or the (full) moon, both create a great atmosphere on the beach.

See lots of reef fish, rays and at night desert foxes visit the camp. Lucky guests meet the dolphins, see the sea turtles lay eggs on the beach at night in during Spring or the baby turtles hatching end of Summer. You can go on a (nightly) beach safari with our awareness and first-aid trained staff.

Around sunrise, the light is pink to purple and you can see the amazing Ghost Crabs go about their business on the beach and some get to see dolphins swimming in the bay at dawn. All magical moments to take home with you.

Depending upon availability you can book as many days and nights as you like but to avoid disappointment that all is fully booked, please reserve as early as possible.

An overnight stay with dinner and breakfast:

- Arrival at the camp site before 16.00 and departure the next day after breakfast.

Includes: Use of the amenities, accommodation in a De-luxe safari tent, Bedouin tea, your fresh prepared dinner and in the morning we prepare your breakfast. Original Bedouin coffee and tea is served during the evening around the campfire (depending weather conditions).

A daily stay with a fresh prepared warm lunch:

- Arrival at the camp site from 09:00 and departure before sunset.

Includes: Use of the amenities, Bedouin tea, a fresh prepared warm lunch served around 13:00 hours.

Optional additions:

- Scuba diving from the shore from our BEDAWI Eco Camping (Please contact us for more information).

- Daily trip inside the National Park Ras Mohamed with one of our local guides

Average temperatures in Celsius throughout the year:





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Prices July 15, 2019

! Always make a reservation in advance

Prices are based on 2 people per tent

0 - 4 years old

For free

5- 11 years old

Half price

Daily guest *

50 EGP

Use of the amenities, Bedouin tea

A daily stay *

200 EGP

Use of the amenities,Bedouin tea and a fresh prepared warm lunch

Overnight stay **

400 EGP

Accommodation, use of the amenities, Bedouin tea, dinner, Bedouin coffee in the evening and breakfast the next day.

24-hour stay **

600 EGP

Accommodation, use of the amenities, Bedouin tea, warm lunch, dinner, Bedouin coffee in the evening and breakfast.

Original Bedouin tea

Always served for free

Original Bedouin coffee


Served for free in the evening

Mineral water (small bottle)


Plastic bottles and caps are all recycled

Hot drinks served per (big) glass

10 EGP

Soft drinks per can

10 EGP

Juices per can

15 EGP

Transfers to and from the camp site


Please contact us if you need a transfer

Entrance fees to the National Park


Need to be paid to the National Park:

- Residents 12 years >

* 50 EGP per person, per night

* 5 EGP per person, per day

- Non-residents 12 years >

** 200 EGP per person, per night

** 40 EGP per person, per day

- Private car

- Rental car

10 EGP per private car

40 EGP per rental car

Entrance fees are used for maintenance of all National Parks in Egypt

What to bring:

- A valid tourist visa (the FREE SINAI-ONLY visa is sufficient)

- A paper copy of your passport or Egyptian ID Card

! If you forget to bring a copy you will be asked to submit your original ID/passport

- Comfortable clothes, protection against sunburn and other personal toiletries

- A towel, swim wear and beach slippers (hot sand, coral pieces on the beach)

- Bring a head lamp or a torch (laser lights are not allowed) for the evening

- When snorkeling, bring your snorkeling equipment; preferably fins with booties (or swim shoes) for easy access

- You can bring your own snacks, (alcoholic) beverages in a cool box on ice, USB-chargers and/or a powerbank (because our solar panel can not all the time recharge all mobile phones, camera's, etc.)

Kindly note: There is NO RENTAL for snorkeling equipment available at the National Park Ras Mohamed.

B E D A W I  for Tourism

Office: Hay Al-Amal,  Al Tur

South Sinai, Arab Republic of Egypt

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Tax reg. 315-732-083

T: (+2)01270776774 - Arabic

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